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Greet customers at the entrance, creating a welcoming and interactive environment. 

Advise customers on the world of health and well-being and thus promote the new products and services offered by the brand


In his role as a reception and animation robot, Buddy is hired to challenge the customer and invite him in a playful and engaging way to share an original experience linked to the brand’s new eco-responsible products and services.

Buddy, with a smile and his big sparkling eyes, immediately engages the conversation as soon as he detects a customer nearby. The robot can then introduce new products by explaining what they are used for and encourage customers to test the products, by broadcasting videos or even by indicating where these products are located in the store.

The brand considers him a real member of the team. His mission is not to replace his human colleagues, he is above all the playful relay to Boulanger’s expert advisers, especially when they are busy with other customers, or when they have to leave the area..

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