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Who we are

HEALYSA is a smart health & wellness ecosystem for professional caregivers who wish to integrate digital into their practice and enhance the way they provide care to the elderly.

Simple, quick to set-up and reliable. This is how our customers describe our smart environment. We listen to advice the most accurate smart devices to help your care team, and provide you with a custom device management platform, all-ready to be used by your patients. As a white-label-solution, we seamlessly integrate your activity, thus all products are branded under your name.

The health and well-being of our old ones, requires more than just innovation. Trust is a central part of human relationships, and It took you time and effort to built it up with the people you care for. This is why our ecosystem has been designed with a systemic approach focusing on trust : data protection, overall IT security, device reliability and repair of devices in vital time.

Smart tech is a means to an end, and Healysa’s purpose is to provide you with relevant technology and support, enabling your care people to make better decisions. Together let’s achieve a sustainable digital transformation, which benefits the elderly we will be tomorrow.

Part of Teamnet, a long-lasting Group specialized in administrative softwares, Healysa designs smart devices dedicated to the elderly. They form an ultimate duo by combining their strengths within Healysa : IOT products experience and secured software expertise.

Why choose us

A ready-to-use smart model - Allowing you to immediately add a digital dimension to your service offering, with a lasting peace of mind : we don’t only provide smart tech, we make sure it’s working all along. We deliver, we support, we do maintenance.

Privacy protection We believe that one of the best protection we can provide to older people is to protect their sensitive information. This is the reason why we anonymize all data and no data is hosted, stored or shared with others.

Secure data hosting Our products and software are certified (by SGS - RED & Rohs - for Europe and by PTCRB & FCC for the United States) and compliant with GDPR, HDS, HIPAA regulations for the protection of health data. All data are hosted in France on HDS and Hipaa compliance servers. Also, our 4G / LTE M and WIFI solutions are connected through our secure and protected network in Google data centers in France and Amazon (AWS) in the USA

Healysa is a Teamnet group's brand

Teamnet is a long-lasting group, recognized for its innovative products and reliable and secure services over time. As a trusted partner, the Group through its subsidiary Healysa, helps administrations and blueship companies, to integrate with confidence, smart technologies in their work environment.

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