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Aging in place with a companion animal helps to live happier and longer.
People in tech & Caregivers : together, we can make it happen.
Create your own IOT product range from our catalog, and brand them with your logo

Teamnet is a long-lasting group, recognized for its innovative products and reliable and secure services over time. As a trusted partner, the Group through its subsidiary Healysa, helps administrations and blueship companies, to integrate with confidence, smart technologies in their work environment.

4G Smart Watch

A gem of 4G technology!
This lightweight, slim and stylish watch offers complete protection and security, and can be controlled remotely.
It is designed to help elderly individual to stay active and healthy.

Bluetooth Beacon

With a battery life of two years this simple Beacon is simply placed or fixed to indicate which room you are in, in order to alert in the event of abnormally prolonged presence.

Stay connected, safe, active and healthy.

Helping seniors thrive with the latest in health and wellness technology.

. GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth outdoor and indoor location
. Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring
. Sos and reverse calls
. Reminders
. Activity monitoring


Your Social Robot!
The Perfect Companion Robot to Ease your life
Created to become the most advanced companion and assistant robot possible to help and entertain anyone that needs him.


Buddy learns fast and is very knowledgeable which will help elders
in their daily tasks.

. Obtain and view a current report on the health status of an individual
. Communicate with relatives and other caregivers in the event of a crisis
. Alert others in the event of an unusual or unexpected situation
. Provide nourishment to domestic animals under one's care
. And much more ..

Smart Video Feeder

Pets, especially dogs and cats can be great companions for older adults. They can provide unconditional love, friendship and a sense of purpose. Studies have shown that owning a pet can have numerous benefits for older adults.

Our Connected video and audio pets kibble dispenser can make it easier for elders to manage their pets and ensure that they are well-fed and cared for.

A smart feeder can be a convenient solution for elders who may have mobility issues or difficulty performing tasks such as manually filling a traditional pet feeder.

Prevent over or underfeeding your pets.

Never worry about leaving you pet hungry again, especially when you're not at home.

. Monitor your pets remotely
. Automatic scheduling
. Multiple feeding options
. Portion control with a precision of 0.011 pounds
. Alerts and notifications

Smart Litter

Designed to be as easy to use as possible !

Your cat litter is always clean and can be use automatically or remotely.
No more dogs eating your cat's poop, no more bad smells and complicated cleaning with the waste compartment.

Safe detection of your animal and its weight allows you to track its growth and good health with our App thanks the built-in-balance.

Say goodbye to dirty litter boxes.

Reducing odors is beneficial for people with sensitivities and strong smells.

. Automatic waste removal
. Weight detection and monitor
. Automatic cleaning
. Remote control
. Alerts and notifications

Choose the best device from our catalog, or let us integrate yours.

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